United States Industrial Safety Association Announces New Advisory Group Member

[Omaha, NE] - The United States Industrial Safety Association (USISA), a leading organization dedicated to promoting workplace safety and enhancing industry standards, is pleased to announce the appointment of esteemed professionals to its Advisory Group. Committed to advancing safety practices across various industries, the Advisory Group members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to USISA.

Chip Duffie is the latest addition to the USISA Advisory Group. As President and Owner of EHS Momentum, he serves small and medium-sized businesses to reduce risk and improve safety program scalability. Chip advises USISA on best practices for high hazard workers.

Chip’s focus on companies that are often underserved is a critical perspective for USISA. Chip explains, “many companies believe they are too small or understaffed to use “big company practices” to protect their workers, but that is just not true – any size company can do it right. I am very passionate about helping small businesses use proven, industry leading best practices to reduce risk and increase overall safety performance and culture.”

His experience with companies of all sizes has enabled him to see what makes a safety program successful. Chip describes the key to developing a successful program is to “integrate the safety programs with operations. Company operations need to be done in a way that has already mitigated risks, so that the way the company does it – is the safest way. By striving to eliminate the inherent conflict between production and safety, companies can avoid having a safety program that is seen as a bolt-on or something separate. Creating the safest, most productive way to conduct operations should be everyone’s goal.”

As a safety software platform, EHS Momentum is among the ranks of innovative safety solutions. Related to other technological evolution, Chip states “the rapid growth of wearable technology has really opened the door for any company to leverage real-time employee health monitoring and predictive analytics. Who knows what the future holds, but using AI and robots to perform the most dangerous work seems inevitable.”

"We are happy to welcome Chip to our Advisory Group for his diverse experience as a practitioner and as a safety software founder," said Abby Ferri, Managing Partner at USISA. "Chip's valuable contributions will empower us to enhance workplace safety resources, particularly in high-risk environments, as we strive to constantly innovate and provide our members with cutting-edge risk management resources and solutions."

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