Knowledge Center

USISA provides member businesses key resources and services to support workplace safety, including:

  • Integrated safety management software using the power of AI to perform predictive analytics for each member company;
  • Exclusive partner discounts on curated safety products and services;
  • A comprehensive Safety Library of downloadable templates, trainings and resources;
  • Industry standard notifications to stay up-to-date on key regulations to help member businesses stay compliant and avoid penalties;
  • A Video Library of content created specifically for members, including partner interviews, on-demand webcasts and other relevant blogs covering risk control strategies.

USISA Member Benefits

Exclusive Partner Discounts

Curated safety products and services have partnered with USISA to provide member discounts across a broad spectrum of risk control resources



USISA members also have access to an extensive library of downloadable resources like safety program templates, health and safety postings



USISA members receive risk management, safety, and worker wellness resources to keep costs down and impact up.

Employee Health


Discounted health products and services for employees and their families

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation picture

USISA members receive risk management, safety, and worker wellness resources to keep costs down and impact up. From day one, we use Safe-Tier® insights to identify meaningful focus areas for collaboration. As our relationship grows, past insights will drive present activities geared towards future results – all in real time with measurable results to review with your leaders. As a USISA member, you’ll receive just-in-time information with the latest risk management tools and education opportunities aimed at injury prevention and worker wellness. What you won’t get? Unnecessary and vague inspections or recommendations. Let our data insights inform your priorities. We’ll coach you to plainly communicate this critical information with your workforce. So please reach out when you need to, we’ll be here. We’ll continue to research and vet safety and risk management technology and tools so you can stay focused on worker safety.

Become a Member

The association welcomes all high hazard and industrial businesses for membership. Member pricing is dependent on employee count and industry category and requires no additional purchase or insurance products for consideration. To apply for USISA membership, please fill out the following inquiry form and we will be in touch.