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Frequently asked questions

What is The U.S. Industrial Safety Association (USISA)?

USISA is a professional organization that promotes safety and health in the high hazard workplace by providing education, training, and products/services to support businesses and their employees performing dangerous work.

Why should I join USISA?

Joining USISA provides businesses with customized programs and safety resources, including training and education specific to each industry. In addition to risk control strategy and services, member employees and their families have access to discounted health savings in important categories like prescriptions, vision and dental.

What are the membership requirements for joining USISA?

Businesses that deem themselves to be high hazard can join USISA. Association dues are required annually, with pricing determined by the number of employees and industrial segment. There are no requirements for association members to use member benefits or purchase additional services or insurance products of any kind.

What are the costs and benefits of joining USISA?

The cost of USISA membership is priced based on industry category and number of employees. Benefits of joining USISA include access to training and education programs, networking opportunities, industry-specific information and resources, and discounted health benefits for employees and their families.

How can I make the most of my membership in USISA?

To make the most of your membership, actively engage with risk control strategy consulting available to members and deploy recommended safety resources. Participate in training and education programs for industry-specific support and create employee awareness of the discount healthcare program available to all employees and their families.

Become a Member

The association welcomes all high hazard and industrial businesses for membership. Member pricing is dependent on employee count and industry category and requires no additional purchase or insurance products for consideration. To apply for USISA membership, please fill out the following inquiry form and we will be in touch.