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Most of us take America’s infrastructure and hazardous services for granted, rarely pausing to consider the hard-working businesses and employees who make it all possible.Working in a high hazard job isn’t only dangerous – it’s challenging in every imaginable sense; physically, personally, and emotionally.

At USISA, we are passionate about supporting America’s blue-collar workforce and their families and hold deep respect and gratitude for the jobs that they perform. While we can’t change the nature of dangerous work, we can make it less hazardous through enhanced workplace safety.

In addition to risk control support, USISA members and their families also have exclusive access to the MyBenefitsWork™ program. This national Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) empowers families with access to health care services and products at pre-negotiated discounted rates on services like prescription savings, as well as vision and dental care.

Workplace Culture

There is no greater indicator of workplace risk and the propensity for a harmful event to occur than business culture. Correspondingly, USISA focuses on a consultative approach with member companies and their employees, providing expert support in not only identifying areas of increased risk within each organization, but implementing customized programs and strategies to influence how a company and their employees think about safety.

Companies that establish safety as a core value that is ingrained in every aspect of the organization do much more than simply follow safety rules and regulations. Instead, they create a shared commitment to continuously identify and mitigate risk, encourage reporting of incidents and near-misses, and foster a sense of accountability and responsibility among all employees.

Our culture photo

Meet the advisors of the Association

Chip Duffie's profile

Chip Duffie

President and Owner
EHS Momentum

Serving small and medium-sized businesses to reduce risk and improve safety program scalability, Chip advises USISA on best practices for high hazard workers.

Gabe Encarnacion's profile

Gabe Encarnacion

Vice President
Bennett Bowen & Lighthouse, Inc.

Gabe is VP at BBL Safety and a specialist in personal protective equipment serving multiple industries including oil & gas, construction, and manufacturing. Gabe supports USISA’s review of protective equipment recommendations and partnerships.

Fay Feeney's profile

Fay Feeney

Risk for Good

Fay leads a global practice at Risk for Good. She brings USISA extensive experience in corporate governance, enterprise risk management, safety, and sustainability and supports the association’s strategic direction, stakeholder insights, and partnerships with the business community.

Abby Ferri's profile

Abby Ferri

Chief Safety Officer

Abby is the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) 2022 Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) award winner and the author of 2 books on safety in the workplace. She leads USISA’s member evaluation and safety consultation process.

Shameka Lewis's profile

Shameka Lewis

EHS Supply Chain Category Director
Kellogg Company

Shameka leads Kellogg’s EHS Supply Chain and has a passion for building an effective safety culture in the work environment so that employees know they are cared for beyond their job function. She advises USISA on OSHA-related matters and overall trending of EHS strategies.

Tony Militello's profile

Tony Militello

Lead Consultant | EHSShirley Parsons, North America

Tony brings 25 years of diverse organizational leadership in safety, health and quality management systems to the association and supports USISA’s continuous improvement strategy and processes.

Cam Stevens's profile

Cam Stevens

Safety Innovation Consultant
Pocketknife Group & The Safety Innovation Academy

Cam Stevens is the trusted voice for SafetyTech and Digital Safety Transformation. Cam brings 20+ years’ experience as a chartered safety professional and technologist to provide advice to the USISA on emerging technologies and their application to reduce insurable risk.

USISA Member Benefits

Exclusive Partner Discounts

Curated safety products and services have partnered with USISA to provide member discounts across a broad spectrum of risk control resources



USISA members also have access to an extensive library of downloadable resources like safety program templates, health and safety postings



USISA members receive risk management, safety, and worker wellness resources to keep costs down and impact up.

Employee Health


Discounted health products and services for employees and their families

USISA Partners

USISA is privileged to work with several hazardous industry safety organizations who provide members with product and service discounts only available through the association. Member organizations have also provided guidance on USISA member support and the evolution of benefits and services the association intends to provide in the future.

Examples of select partners and the associated discounts include:

Become a Member

The association welcomes all high hazard and industrial businesses for membership. Member pricing is dependent on employee count and industry category and requires no additional purchase or insurance products for consideration. To apply for USISA membership, please fill out the following inquiry form and we will be in touch.