United States Industrial Safety Association Announces New Advisory Group Member

[Omaha, NE] - The United States Industrial Safety Association (USISA), a leading organization dedicated to promoting workplace safety and enhancing industry standards, is pleased to announce the appointment of esteemed professionals to its Advisory Group. Committed to advancing safety practices across various industries, the Advisory Group members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to USISA.

Cameron is the latest addition to the USISA Advisory Group. He is a Safety Technologist and Chartered Health and Safety Professional. As CEO of digital safety transformation consultancy, Pocketknife Group, Cameron supports organizations developing technology-enabled safety strategy and provides safety technology training through the Safety Innovation Academy.

Cameron is passionate about leveraging data and the latest technologies to explore ways to improve worker safety and risk management in ways we haven’t thought of. He quotes Dr. Jordan Nguyen, saying, ““We’re living at the fastest rate of change to world has ever seen. But it may also be the slowest we’ll ever see again” and Cameron believes that to stay ahead of the curve, “we must develop digitally enabled safety strategy where humans and machines work together to improve the design, experience and safety of work.” Luckily for USISA members, this is the world Cameron lives in every day and loves every minute of it!

Cameron explains, “I have fallen in love with the concept of human flourishing - the idea of flourishing expands beyond happiness to look at a person’s overall well-being, considering things like total life satisfaction and sense of purpose. Flourishing is an interdisciplinary “science” drawing on public health, philosophy, psychology, safety science and more. Work has changed so much in recent years that we have to think beyond the health and safety of the workplace and truly understand what it means to be human in modern society – our aim should be to elevate human in everything we do; that’s the only way we will truly improve health and safety at “work”.”

Machine learning with reinforcement learning from human feedback is one of the most exciting innovations Cameron is tracking related to workplace safety and risk. He is currently exploring the development of algorithms that consider psychosocial risk factors along with physical risk factors in the work planning process. He explains, “the opportunities are incredible, but I am equally concerned about the unintended consequences of next generation artificial intelligence and am deeply focused on how we can leverage these phenomenal technologies in a responsible way to improve humanity.”

Based in Australia, Cameron brings an international perspective, and counts the Centre for Worker Health & Safety in Australia for their excellent WHS Radar and supporting tools on AI and Collaborative Robotics. Stateside, he appreciates the work of the National Safety Council to elevate the role of technology on workplace health and safety through the Work to Zero initiative. Cameron’s own creation, the Safety Innovation Academy, will focus on improving the digital literacy of the health and safety profession and enabling responsible innovation using emerging technologies to solve complex safety and risk challenges.

"We are so excited to welcome Cameron to our Advisory Group for his international perspective and sharp focus on responsible innovation when using emerging technologies for workplace safety benefit," said Abby Ferri, Managing Partner at USISA. "Cameron's active participation will strengthen our initiatives to elevate workplace safety in the most high-risk environments and drive continuous innovation in the realm of risk management resources and solutions that our members can access."

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