United States Industrial Safety Association Announces New Advisory Group Member

[Omaha, NE] - The United States Industrial Safety Association (USISA), a leading organization dedicated to promoting workplace safety and enhancing industry standards, is pleased to announce the appointment of esteemed professionals to its Advisory Group. Committed to advancing safety practices across various industries, the Advisory Group members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to USISA.

Tony Militello is our newest Advisory Group member. He brings 25 years of diverse organizational leadership in safety, health and quality management systems to the association and supports USISA’s continuous improvement strategy and processes.

Tony is driven by the passion for solving risk management problems, knowing that by so doing, workers can thrive in the workplace. Educated and trained as a fire protection engineer, the idea of “holding paramount” the safety and health of the public has always resonated with Tony as his life’s work. Firm in the belief that operational risks can be mitigated and abated through the hierarchy of controls, his insatiable curiosity and drive for improving the lives of others makes risk management and engineering worker safety solutions and incredible exciting career opportunity.

While physical workplace hazards clearly have a tangible and visible impact on worker safety, the severity and frequency of hazard exposure consequences can be mitigated or exacerbated by a complexity of intangible and non-workplace related factors. Tony explains that “including psychological safety as a component of workplace safety is the next right lens through which employers can mitigate risk in the workplace. Employers that recognize and invest in addressing social, economic, physical, physiological, psychological complexities of their employees enable their employees to return home each day better than they arrived at the beginning of their shift.” When employers invest in the safety of the workers through workplace design, as well as employee benefit programs, they “exercise a social responsibility of improving the communities in which they operate through that exact same employ of thriving members of society,” Tony continued.

Tony supports the continued innovation of the foundational elements of workplace safety, stating “information technology that supports environment safety and health system management, including recordkeeping, scheduling of recurring audit, permit, inspection, medical surveillance, training, evaluation, information collection and dissemination is a vast improvement over manual paper and pencil practices, which remain overwhelmingly common among small businesses.” He looks forward to evolutions in information management, data analysis, and automation of data collection and predictive analysis.

Tony’s engagement with industry and the safety profession is further evidence of his commitment to workplace safety and the next generation of those in charge including serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the BCSP Foundation and Academic Program Evaluator with ABET.

USISA's Advisory Group plays a vital role in shaping the organization's strategic initiatives and promoting safety awareness at a national level. Their collective knowledge and experience will help guide USISA in providing valuable resources, training, and advocacy to improve safety practices across the highest hazard industries in the country.

"We are grateful to welcome Tony to our Advisory Group for his dedication to worker safety through the lifecycle of educating and mentoring safety professionals through designing better work environments," said Abby Ferri, Managing Partner at USISA. "Tony's nvolvement will reinforce our commitment to enhancing workplace safety, especially in the most hazardous environments, and drive ongoing innovation in the availability of risk management resources and solutions for our esteemed members."

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