USISA and Sologic Join Forces to Drive Workplace Safety Education

[Omaha, NE] - The United States Industrial Safety Association (USISA) is excited to announce a new partnership with Sologic, a method of root cause analysis built on the principle that causal relationships exist for all events and can be graphically modeled by using evidence-based inputs along with conditional logic.

“Sologic root cause analysis minimizes personal bias and maximizes analytical thinking. Both are critical to gaining leadership support and resources for solutions. It unites the team around a common purpose, process, and language,” explained Sologic President and Co-Founder Brian Hughes.

“Whether investigating claims or a near miss incident, this innovative approach to collaborative investigation and root cause analysis makes Sologic a valuable partner for USISA,” said Abby Ferri, Managing Partner at USISA, “together, we can make a difference in the lives of industrial workers and their families.”

Abby will guest host on Sologic’s next webinar with Brian, check out our Events page to register for the June 9, 2023 event.

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